Japanese Tea Pot Kyusu - Hachijyu Hachiya -

  • This Japanese tea pot kyusu is made from a pottery style Tokoname-yaki. Hachijyu Hachi means eighty eight in Japanese and this tea pot kyusu has eighty eight hand made holes functioned as a filter. This special tea pot does not use any steel, which will give you optimum results for your teas.

  • Tokoname-yaki started out from the Tokoname region of Aichi prefecture (a little south west of Tokyo) from the 1100s. It is known as the oldest style of Kila in Japan, and well known for creating handcrafted beautiful kyusu in many styles. It is also called the ultimate art of clay and fire, and Tokoname-yaki are made by clay and fired in extreme high temperature by a skilled pottery artisan. Also this clay material is said to give the tea a mellow and smooth taste. The ultimate craftsmanship and its nature to brew great green tea makes this Tokoname-yaki kyusu popular within the Japanese green tea lovers.

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