Organic Green Tea Powder Packets (15 or 100 packets)

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  • Green Tea Powder that is Pure Organic

    Enjoy the taste and convenience of our organic green tea powder (sencha green tea powder) while taking a full advantage of its health benefits. Our organic green tea powder does not include any additives, preservatives or anything. Perfect for today’s busy but health conscious people who are always on the go.

    • Made in Shizuoka, Japan
    • USDA Organic certified by JONA*
    • Conveniently packaged in 15 or 100 individual packets (0.5g/packet).
    • Each packets contain 1 serving to be dissolved in a cup of hot/cold water, or 2 sticks for a 16 fl oz bottle
    • No preservatives or additives

    *JONA:Japanese Organic and Natural Foods Organization 

    Flavor Chart

    Our organic green tea powder has the perfect balance of natural tea sweetness and bitterness with some refreshing aroma.

    Tea Reviews from Major Tea Bloggers:

    "It’s really refreshing and it is very invigorating too!"

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  • Organically Grown for Over 25 Years

    Green Tea Powder Organic USDA FarmOur organic green tea powder (sencha) is grown on family farms located in small villages in the foothills of Mount Fuji where farmers pride in their commitment to only harvest crops grown in the way Mother Nature intended. Due to its high elevation, this remote Kawane region of Shizuoka Prefecture enjoys the perfect combination of clean air, pure water, and fertile soil only found in this area of Japan, which allows for pesticide-free farming. 
    In fact, to preserve this way of farming they’ve maintained for centuries, these villages have adopted a strict policy and guidelines on organic farming, and not only tea farmers but also fruit and vegetable farmers of this region strive to provide the safest and best quality pesticide-free produce to their customers. 
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  • Amazing Versatility of Green Tea Powder

    Take your imagination to the limit of green tea powder’s versatility. Not only traditional green tea but can be used in numerous ways to spice up your desert, food, and beverage.

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