[SAVE10%] Cold Brew Sencha Essential Set - includes 3 types of sencha: Koshun Saemidori Okumidori

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We have made an essential set for cold brew sencha. These three are very popular sencha for cold brew tea and each will be very refreshing and fine with different taste note.  Hope you enjoy the difference. It will include the following tea:

  • Shincha 2021 Saemidori from Kagoshima 50g x1pk
  • Shincha 2021 Koshun from Shizuoka 50g x1pk
  • Okumidori with matcha from Kagoshima 50g x1pk

< How to make Cold Brew >

Cold brew is very easy to make. Please have a water jug/glass bottle/pitcher ready.

  1. First add tea leaf (10 to 15g / 0.35 to 0.53oz)
  2. Add water (1 liter / 33.8 fl oz)
  3. Put it in refrigerator for 6 to 14 hours depending on preference

Please adjust the amount of water and tea leaf depending on preference. When ratio of tea leaf is higher the stronger the taste will be. It will last for a day or two and please store in refrigerator. If you can strain and remove the tea leaf it will hold another day longer.  

< Descriptions of tea >

Shincha 2021 Saemidori. This tea gives a beautiful green color and also gives a deep sweet umami taste, but will give a refreshing aftertaste at the same time. Recommended brewing time: 9-13hrs

Shincha 2021 Koshun. One of the best for cold brew. It will have a very clear umami and gives a beautiful floral aftertaste. It also has a nuance of a sweet sakura mochi. Recommended brewing time: 10-14hrs

Okumidori with matcha. This will have a very refreshing taste with a slight nutty aroma and the matcha will give you a kick that I recommend this tea in the morning. Recommended brewing time: 8-12hrs

For Health benfits of cold brew sencha please check out form here

Type: Loose Leaf

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