Japanese Tea Cup - Matsuba -

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This Matsuba cup is made from the Mino-yaki pottery/porcelain style and is designed with a Matsu (meaning pine in Japanese) leaf in the middle. This small cup can be used for any type of teas but is specially recommended for organic sencha superior green tea.

  • Dimension: D 2.36in (6cm) x H 1.85in (4.7cm)
  • Pottery Style: Mino-yaki
  • Made in JAPAN

What is Mino-yaki

Mino-yaki is one of the largest authentic pottery styles in Japan. It has started in the Heian Era (AD 794-1185) and unlike the Arita-yaki it does not have a particular pottery technique that defines this style, so it can be either porcelain or pottery. Mino-yaki is defined by where it is made in, the pottery/porcelain that is made in the Tojimi/Toki/Mizunami/Kani Region of Gifu prefecture is considered Mino-yaki. One of the famous Mino-yaki is the white beautiful Matcha bowls and now many producers create Mino-yaki of plates and cups adding some modern taste.

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