Japanese Tea Pot Kyusu - Mameshibori -

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  • This Japanese tea pot kyusu is made by the style of Arita-yaki. This pottery style has been around over 400 years known as a very traditional style of pottery. This kyusu is hand-designed with blue polka-dots and the bottom dots designed red. The name mameshibori comes from a traditional Japanese towel called Mameshibori Tenugui, which is designed with blue small polka-dots just like this tea pot kyusu.

  • This Japanese tea pot kyusu is created by the Japanese tea pot style Aritayaki. Arita yaki started out from the Arita region of Saga prefecture in the early 1600s and in the mid-1600s it exported out to Europe and Middle East due to its beautiful and unique design. It is all handmade and hand designed and built from pottery stone called Touseki.

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