Spring Pick - Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea KOIKI 1.75 oz (50g)

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    •  Ultimate Blend of Spring Organic Sencha

      Organic Tea Farmers from ShizuokaThis organic superior green tea is made by blending spring organic teas from the Shizuoka prefecture. They are from the family farms in the foothills of Mt Fuji that has high elevation and beautiful water filled with minerals. They are grown by hand made organic fertilizer under extreme care. This superior blend was made by a young elite tea artisan in Shizuoka. This blend  was to bring out the earthy green flavor of the organic green tea to the fullest. Also making a perfect balance of taste so the umami in the back will also stand out as well. 

      • Made in Shizuoka, JAPAN
      • Certified USDA/JAS Organic by JONA*
      • In 100g package having approximately 30-35 servings
      • No preservatives, sugar, or artificial coloring / Non GMO

      *JONA:Japanese Organic and Natural Food Association

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Type: Loose Leaf

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