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Glass Water Bottle with Tea Infuser -12.85oz/380ml- Borosilicate glass

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  • 380ml / 12.85 fl oz Water Glass Bottle
  • Includes tea infuser great for ice tea
  • Heat Resistant Glass : Heat limit approximate 80 C / 176 F 
  • Stainless Steel (Cap and tea infuser)
  • Choice of 4 types of cover: navy blue, gray, pink and light green
  • Add 5 grams (two and half tea spoon) of tea leaf and put water and let it steep for one night in refrigerator and you will have perfect bottle of ice green tea
  • Also you will be able to use matcha and green tea powder as well. Approximate of 4 grams of powder and add cold water and shake until it has foam on top and you will have a bottle of cold matcha/green tea.

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