Glass Tea Bottle -HARIO-

  • With this bottle, you can easily create a great quality Japanese ice green tea. Just simply add tea leaf/powder and water, and then put it in refrigerator over night. You will have a very tasty Japanese ice tea ready for you the next morning. There is a filter built in the bottle that will catch all the tea leaves. 

    • Dimension: L 3.4in(87mm) × W 3.3in(84mm) × H 11.8in(300mm)
    • Amount: 3.2 cups (750ml)
    • Made in JAPAN
    • Choice of lid color: Green/White/Red

    This glass bottle is made by a Japanese well established glass company HARIO that has an experience over 90 years of creating glass ware. We recommend especially with organic sencha green tea. Since it is brewed in low temperature it will not be bitter at all and you will taste the natural sweetness of the tea.

    See Our Tea Notes about HARIO Glass Tea Bottle

    See recommended tea: Organic Sencha Green Tea

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