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  • This Nanbu Tekki, Japanese cast iron Kyusu, is made by a cast iron company, Oitomi, that has been crafting Nanbu Tekki (Cast Iron) for over 160 years. This Cast Iron tea pot has a beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) design around the pot and the holder of the lid. 

    • Amount: 1.69cup/0.4L
    • Made in JAPAN
This product will need at least 3-5 business days to ship out from Japan.
  • Nabu Tekki is a cast iron product that is made in the Iwate prefecture of Japan. Ironwork has started out approximately 1000 years ago and the production was dominated by cauldrons, however as the tea ceremony grew in popularity, the iron kettle is said to have been created by making these cauldrons smaller and adding a spout and a handle. Nowadays the iron workers of this region produce around 35 different products - not only iron kettles but also wind chimes, bottle openers, ashtrays, ornaments, wall hangings and vases. Nanbu ironware was designated a traditional craft by the Japanese government in 1975. This cast iron tea pot is loved by the Japanese green tea lovers because it is said to give a mellow taste to the tea by its iron material.

  • To properly handle the cast iron tea pot kyusu will be extremely important for long term use.

    • Please do not fire directly or put it in microwave, only use it as a regular tea pot.
    • Before using, please rinse and pour it out with hot water. Repeat this process for 3 to 4 times.
    • Never scrub the inside/outside with a hard brush, and never use detergent.
    • Don't leave any water inside your tea pot, keep it dry after use.
    • Never expose your tea pot to salt or oil.

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