Japanese Tea Cup - Hanabyobu -

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This Hanaboybu cup is made from the Mino-yaki pottery/porcelain style. It is designed by a beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) both inside and outside of the cup. From the front you can see that the outside sakura is connected to the inside sakura. This small cup can be used for any teas but is specially recommended for organic sencha superior green tea.

  • Dimension: D 3.2in (8cm) x H 2in (5cm)
  • Pottery Style: Mino-yaki
  • Made in JAPAN

What is Mino-yaki

Mino-yaki is one of the largest authentic pottery styles in Japan. It has started in the Heian Era (AD 794-1185) and unlike the Arita-yaki it does not have a particular pottery technique that defines this style, so it can be either porcelain or pottery. Mino-yaki is defined by where it is made in, the pottery/porcelain that is made in the Tojimi/Toki/Mizunami/Kani Region of Gifu prefecture is considered Mino-yaki. One of the famous Mino-yaki is the white beautiful Matcha bowls and now many producers create Mino-yaki of plates and cups adding some modern taste.

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