Premium Mori Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf from Japan

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  • Spring Harvested!! One of the most popular teas of ShiZen Tea in Japan

    Made by the Mori family, which are made in the famous Honyama region of Shizuoka prefecture. This tea's variety will be the yabukita cultivar having a refreshing aroma with subtle umami flavor made from the Spring flush, the 1st flush.

    • 1st flush / Spring tea of yabukita variety 
    • Made in Honyama, Shizuoka Prefecture
    • 50g ( 1.75 oz, approximate 13 servings) / 100g (3.5oz, approximate 26 servings)
    • Yabukita is the most widely grown variety in Japan


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Type: Loose Leaf

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