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Spring Pick - Premium sencha from Oku-yame 50g

Spring Pick - Premium sencha from Oku-yame 50g

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Delicious Spring Sencha Grown in Oku-Yame, Fukuoka

Produced by Kakuta Seicha, a tea maker with three generations of experience, this delightful spring sencha is grown in Oku-Yame, a mountainous region of Yame known for its high-quality tea. It is made from an early harvest blend of the popular "Tsuyuhikari" and "Yabukita" varieties.

  • Origin: Oku-yame Region, Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Harvest: First pick of spring (end of April)
  • Cultivation Method: Shaded using kanreisha cloth
  • Tea Variety: blend of Yabukita and Tsuyuhikari
  • Processing: Medium steam style
  • Characteristics: Strong umami, Refreshing aroma
  • Contents: 50g (approximately 10-15 servings)


Grown in the Fertile Land of Oku-Yame

The Yame region has long been known as a tea-producing area. The fertile soil and significant temperature variations contribute to the production of some of Japan's finest premium teas. The mountainous area known as Oku-Yame is prone to fog, which naturally blankets the tea fields. This natural covering allows the tea leaves to develop rich flavors while absorbing ample nutrients, resulting in tea leaves packed with the dense umami characteristic of mountain-grown teas.

Rich Umami and Refreshing Flavor

This exceptional tea offers the rich umami unique to Oku-Yame and the refreshing aroma and taste of spring. The natural covering process generates plenty of umami, and the clean aftertaste is extremely delicious. It is also excellent when served cold, making it a perfect tea for hot summer days.

JGAP Certification

JGAP certification is a system that ensures agricultural practices meet various standards set by national and international food safety laws, focusing on food safety, environmental conservation, and labor safety. Kakuta Seicha was an early adopter of JGAP certification in Fukuoka Prefecture, producing safe, high-quality tea as a certified tea farm.

Reduced Pesticide Cultivation

Due to Japan's humid climate, pesticide-free cultivation is extremely challenging because the humidity encourages the growth of many pests and diseases. In this region, we strive to reduce pesticide use as much as possible, practicing reduced pesticide cultivation. We also conduct residue pesticide testing to ensure that we provide safe and secure tea.

Taste profile:

  • Natural sweetness : ★★★★
  • Savory / Umami : ★★★★
  • Bitterness : ★☆☆☆
  • Flavor note:  Mellow green aroma / full-bodied / Umami strong
  • Brewing:   
    • water temperature: 80-850C (176-185F)
    • Steeping time: 60 seconds
    • Amount of tea leaf:  3-4g per 100-120ml of water
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