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Premium matcha Organic FUJI Matcha green tea powder 30g

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    • -Spring harvested matcha grown organically. One of the highest grade matcha in Shizuoka.

      -Stone milled into super fine powder. 30g per pacl (20-30 servings)

      -Made in Shizuoka prefecture Fuji region, which is close to the Mount Fuji, a great natural environment

      -Flavor Profile: This matcha will have strong bold bitterness and a strong umami that creates a full-bodied taste.

      -This mathca is recommended tobe drank straight  with no sugar or milk. Also used in tea ceremonies as well.


      One of the Most Natural and Healthiest Energizer Ever

      Organic Matcha green tea powder

      Amazing Nutrients

      Matcha is a great source of antioxidant and has abundant vitamin C, B1, B6, and Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A). It is far more nutritious than any other brewed tea. Brewed teas are said to only extract 30% of the tea’s nutrients. On the other hand, powder type enables you to consume 100% of the health benefits because you are consuming the whole tea leaf in powder.

      Pure Powder of Fine Tea Leaf, Nothing Added

      Organic matcha is just simply tea leaves of premium green tea leaves that are grinded into powder with nothing added, just pure tea leaf! Also the substance "Theanine" is said to give alert calmness that will keep you focused throughout the day with great energy.

      Shipping and Handling

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    • Slowly made with the Traditional Stone Mill

      This matcha is made from a Japanese traditional stone mill that takes approximately one hour to make a small amount of 1-1.5 oz of matcha. The tea leaf goes through the cone and the mill turns to make the tea leaf into fine powder. It can not process that fast because the scent and umami will be taken away do to the friction. 

      By processing with the stone mill it will become a fine ground powder, it will create a silky froth on top when prepared with a bamboo whisk having a rich mellow taste. Only the ceremonial premium grade matchas are made with this traditional stone mill.

    • Amazing Versatility of Matcha Green Tea Powder

      Take your imagination to the limit of Matcha green tea powder’s versatility. Not only traditional matcha drinking style but can be used in numerous ways to spice up your desert, food, and beverage.

      Traditional Matcha Drinking Style (Casual way)

      Modern Style of Matcha Green Tea Powder

      Since Matcha is in a powder form, it can be used in almost any beverage or food! One of the best we recommend is simply mixing with vanilla ice cream, the organic matcha green tea. Also in beverage we recommend the organic matcha latte and the organic matcha sparkling tea. For details please check from the following:

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