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ShiZen Tea

Premium Hand Picked KYOTO HON-GYOKURO from Japan 10g

Premium Hand Picked KYOTO HON-GYOKURO from Japan 10g

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  • One of the finest grade gyokuro from Kyoto Kyotanabe

    Gyokuro is a shaded grown loose leaf tea from Japan. This gyokuro will be one of the finest grade in Japan. This will be hand picked, picking the fine leaves only from the Spring season. Very few regions still does the hand picking and Kyotanabe region is known for making the highest grade gyokuro in Kyoto. 
    This will have an ultra fine umami flavor with a note of natural sweetness as well. We usually go through 5 rounds with the same tea pot and tea leaf. Each round will taste different and we eat the tea leaves at the end with salt or ponzu(Japanese citrus sauce).

    • Made in Kyoto Prefecture Kyotanabe village, JAPAN
    • In 10g package having approximately 5-8 servings
    • No preservatives, sugar, or artificial coloring / Non GMO
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