We are sorry to inform you that we have raised our shipment fee due to the price raise of shipment charges. Price will vary depending on the region, please check the shipment fee on the check out page.

Shipping and Return Policy


Currently we serve shipment by DHL International mail or by EMS Japan Post at flat rate of US$10.90~100.00 depending on the region. It will take approximately 4-8 days for arrival. For purchase over US$150.00 , we will provide free shipping.


Taxes (Duties, VATs, etc.)

 Rates of Customs Duties on Tea Leaves Only a few countries prohibit importing tea leaves
  • United Statesno duty
  • Canadano duty
  • Australiano duty
  • United Kingdomno duty up to 32 Pound (3.2 % over 32 Pound)
  • European Unionno duty up to 45 Euro (3.2 % over 45 Euro)
  • United Arab Emiratesno duty
  • Brazilno duty up to 50US dollar (10% over 50US dollar)
  • Russian Federationno duty up to 5,000US dollar (20% over 5,000US dollar)
  • Singaporeno duty
  • Taiwanno duty up to 300TW dollar (19.4% over 300TW dollar)
  • Chinano duty up to 1,000 Yuan (15% over 1,000 Yuan)
  • The Republic of Koreano duty up to 100,000 Won (513.6% over 100,000 Won)
  • Nigeria
  • Colombia
  • Sri Lanka
  •  Taxes other than customs duty, such as VAT (Value-Added Tax), can be possibly imposed when you receive the parcel (especially in the EU region). Please confirm this also with your tax/customs authority in your country.

Payment & Security

 Returns & Reshipment Policy