Shipping and Return Policy


Currently we serve shipment by DHL International mail or by EMS Japan Post at flat rate of US$10.90~100.00 depending on the region. It will take approximately 4-8 days for arrival. For purchase over US$150.00 , we will provide free shipping.


Taxes (Duties, VATs, etc.)

 Rates of Customs Duties on Tea Leaves Only a few countries prohibit importing tea leaves
  • United Statesno duty
  • Canadano duty
  • Australiano duty
  • United Kingdomno duty up to 32 Pound (3.2 % over 32 Pound)
  • European Unionno duty up to 45 Euro (3.2 % over 45 Euro)
  • United Arab Emiratesno duty
  • Brazilno duty up to 50US dollar (10% over 50US dollar)
  • Russian Federationno duty up to 5,000US dollar (20% over 5,000US dollar)
  • Singaporeno duty
  • Taiwanno duty up to 300TW dollar (19.4% over 300TW dollar)
  • Chinano duty up to 1,000 Yuan (15% over 1,000 Yuan)
  • The Republic of Koreano duty up to 100,000 Won (513.6% over 100,000 Won)
  • Nigeria
  • Colombia
  • Sri Lanka
  •  Taxes other than customs duty, such as VAT (Value-Added Tax), can be possibly imposed when you receive the parcel (especially in the EU region). Please confirm this also with your tax/customs authority in your country.

Payment & Security

 Returns & Reshipment Policy