About Us

Our mission is to support sustainable organic farming for the better environment and safer health foods

To become a bridge between organic farmers and consumers around the world

In Japan, there are farmers who have strong commitments to organic farming. Most of these farmers believe that organic farming is the sustainable way to keep their land healthy so that future generations can enjoy the same beautiful nature. However, Japanese consumers do not have as much appreciation in organic products as consumers in other countries do. Our mission is to support organic farming in Japan by being a bridge between them and consumers who may appreciate naturally grown products and the efforts organic Japanese farmers invest in them.

To support healthy, safe, and enjoyable diet

Japanese green tea is well known around the world for its health benefits. Also our organic teas are grown by farmers who have been practicing organic farming for decades, which means that our teas are free of synthetic chemicals. In addition to these benefits, our teas provide you with a little taste of the unique and deep culture of Japanese tea, which may allow you to take a “zen-like” approach to today’s busy society – Take a sip of our tea and it may empty your mind and help you to take everything slow. We would like to bring you not only our products but this culture. We would like you to make our tea part of your every diet and your lifestyle.