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The word ShiZen™ means Mother Nature in Japanese. We provide premium green tea grown on family-owned farms in remote villages of Japan. We are proud to support your everyday health by providing one of the safest and healthiest green teas from Japan. Our organic products are 100% certified organic and are made without any additives or preservatives and of course are Non-GMO products.

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Grinding Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

March 07, 2017

     Grinding Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder One of the most important elements of Japanese Matcha powder production is the grinding process. Even though high powered heat generating grinders are able to produce amazing quantities in a short amount of time, the traditional Japanese way of grinding with granite stone mill is still, till today, the best method to handle these high quality and delicate leaves.     About the process Before learning about the grinding process, we must understand what leaves we are grinding. Matcha powder is made from the same plant as other green teas, black teas and even oolong teas. The only difference is a special process done several weeks prior to harvesting. Learn more about...

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Brewing Organic Green Tea by Tsukiji Style

June 23, 2015

Brewing Different by Organic Green Tea Today I would like to introduce a unique style of brewing Japanese green tea. This one I call it the Tsukiji style. Tsukiji is known as one of the largest fish market and there is a big tea maker Uogashi Meicha that they brew it in a unique style. I would like to share it by using our Organic Green Tea Sencha Superior (Spring Pick 2015) and our kyusu banko yaki – swan. step1: Add Organic Green Tea and Warm Water Add just little green tea, do not add too much because the taste will be too thick. Around half or two thirds of the normal green tea will be perfect. As for the water...

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