How To Make Authentic Organic Green Tea

Learn: Authentic Organic Green Tea from Green Tea Powder

This will be the most common way that green tea powder is consumed in Japan. Just simply add hot water and green tea powder and then stir. Please be aware that the water temperature does change the taste of green tea. Hotter the water is, the bitter the tea will be. We recommend around 180°F which we think will be just right for this green tea powder.

 What you need per serving:

1. Organic Green Tea Powder 0.5-1g (1/5 teaspoon)*
2. Hot Water (1/2 cup)**
3. Cup
4. Bamboo spoon (of course any kind of spoon will work)

*Can be substituted by one packet of Organic Green Tea Powder / Pesticide-Free Green Tea Powder, Genmaicha Powder, or Sakura Komachi

**For best results please use mineral bottled water that has a hardness between 30 to 80mg/I, such as Volvic and Crystal Geyser.


Step One: Cool the Hot Water to Approximate 180F

The temperature of the water will effect the taste of the green tea so it will be very important to make tea at the appropriate temperature. This will be the same if its made by both loose leaf or green tea powder. 

Green Tea Powder Step1-1Green Tea Powder step1 of2

Step Two: Add 0.5g to 1g (1/5 teaspoon) of Green Tea Powder

You can adjust the thickness of your green tea with the amount of green tea powder you use. You can adjust the amount of the green tea powder upon your preference. 0.5g to 1g will be the standard amount that is used in Japan.

Green Tea Powder Step2-1Green Tea Powder Organic Step2-2

Step Three: Pour Water and Stir Until Lumps of Green Tea Powder Disappear

It will be the best to stir with a matcha whisk. However, if you do not have one, use a spoon and that will do the work. Move the spoon in a circular motion, and you will be ready for the green tea!

Green Tea Powder Organic step3-1Green Tea Powder Organic Step 3-2

Step Four: Enjoy your home made Organic Green Tea!

Green Tea Powder Organic Step4


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