Brewing Guide - Organic Iced Green Tea

Iced green tea made by loose leaf and kyusu

Especially in the summer, organic iced green teas will be a great tea to have. There are several ways you can make the organic iced green tea and today I would like to show one of the ways to make it from organic green tea loose leaf by using the kyusu, the Japanese Tea Pot. As for the Organic green tea, it can be either the classic organic green tea sencha or the top quality organic green tea sencha superior. The classic sencha will have a great refreshing taste and for the sencha superior you will feel the thicker umami.

Step1: Add Tea Leaf and Prepare Warm Water

Add 1 teapoon (5g) of organic green tea loose leaf to the kyusu and prepare warm water around 122-140 F/50-60 C.

Step2: Add Warm water and Infuse for one and half minutes

Add the warm water to the kyusu and let it infuse for around one and half minutes. Check the tea leaves and see if they are opened/spread out.

Step3: Prepare iced filled tea cup and pour the tea

Fill your tea cup with ice and pour out the tea from the kyusu. Enjoy!


You will be able to have it until the third infusion. Great way to get healthy ice beverage in hot weather. Hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions please feel free to ask anytime:)

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