Matcha Powder and Green Tea (Sencha) Powder

What's the difference?
Matcha and Green Tea (Sencha) Powder

I always get the question, what is the difference between matcha and green tea powder? I would like to give it a simple breakdown of what makes the difference of these two powdered teas. 

Cultivated in Total Different Way

Matchas are cultivated by putting shades above the tea farm to block from the sunlight before 20-40 days before harvesting. On the other hand, green tea (sencha) are grown under the sun light without any shades. 

Difference in Nutrients

As matcha is known right now for its health substance, the famous mighty Catechin is more contained in the green tea (sencha) powder. Since green tea (sencha) is not usually taken in powder form it is not that known in the world, but in Japan it is pretty known that the mighty health substance Catechin (EGCg) are contained the most in normal green tea (sencha) that is in powder form. If it is taken in brewed tea you only take in 1/3rd of the nutrients but in powder form you can take in the full nutrients. That is why matcha is said to be healthy due to its powder form. Of course, matcha itself has amazing health benefits, but compared to green tea powder it will be better in health wise.

So which tastes better?

Of course taste is preference but usually most cases Matcha is said to be taste better. This is because Matcha contains more Theanine, which provides the deep umami flavor (also gives you calm alertness). On the other hand green tea (sencha) also tastes great but rather more refreshing and light compared to Matcha. This is just a general comment so I think it will be the best to test it out yourself :)

We have made a simple info-graphic, hope you will enjoy!

Also we have gone more in details in the blog site, please also check that out from here! Thank you!