How To Make Organic Green Tea Iced Latte

Learn: Organic Green Tea Iced Latte

Making Organic green tea latte is a little more time consuming compared to making the traditional green tea but it will be definitely more healthier and more pure to make it yourself instead of purchasing at the coffee stores. In our recipe there is no sweetener included but please feel free to add your preferable sweetener (organic sugar, honey, etc.).

What you need per serving:
1. Organic Green Tea Powder 1.5g (1/4 teaspoon)
2. Hot Water 1/8 cup**
3. Bowl
4. Bamboo Spoon (of course any other kind of spoon will work)
5. Bamboo Whisk
6. Milk 1/2 cup
7. Glass cup
*Organic Green Tea Powder maybe substituted by Organic Matcha or Cherry Blossom Matcha (Sakura Komachi) to taste a different flavor
**For best results please use mineral bottled water that has a hardness between 30 to 80mg/I, such as Volvic and Crystal Geyser.


Step One: Cool the Hot Water to Approximate 180F

Depending on the water temperature the taste will differ, and we will recommend approximate 180F/80C. The hotter the temperature in most cases it will taste more bitter, and while you wait the water to cool get your green tea powder or matcha green tea powder ready for the next step.


Step Two: Add Green Tea Powder (1.5g,1/4 tea spoon) in Bowl

Add 1.5g (1/4 tea spoon) of green tea powder in bowl and if you have organic green tea powder packets add three packets.

Step Three: Add Water and Whisk Until Foam Appears

Add the water that you have cooled to the green tea powder and use preferably a bamboo whisk (or a spoon). If you are using a bamboo whisk, whisk it in a zigzag motion until a foam shows up on the top.

Step Four: Pour the Green Tea into Glass

Pour the green tea that you have made in the glass and put it aside.

Step Five: Pour Milk into Bowl and Whisk

Pour the milk inside the bowl and whisk until you get a light foam. Usually it will be harder to get the foam compared to green tea. If you have a electric whisk/mixer that may be better.

Step Six: Pour Milk into Glass

Get your glass of green tea ready and pour slowly your milk inside of it. 

Step Seven: Add Some Ice and Enjoy!

Finally add some ice and that will be all! Enjoy your home made organic green tea latte!

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