How To Make Pesticide-Free / Organic Green Tea Thermos

Learn: Organic Green Tea Thermos from Green Tea Powder

Incredible convenience. You can make it simply with water and green tea powder. Also you can carry your teas anywhere: to the gym, workplace, yoga studio etc. Very easy 4 steps, can be finished in minutes.

What you need will be as follows:
1. Pesticide-Free Green Tea Powder Packet x1 OR Organic Green Tea Powder Packets x2
2. Thermos (16.9-18 fl oz, 500-550ml)
3. Water 400ml, 13.5 fl oz.*
4. Ice

*For best results use mineral bottled water that has a hardness between 30 to 80mg/I, such as Volvic and Crystal Geyser.


Step One: Add Water and Green Tea Powder

First add water and then add two packets of organic green tea powder or one packet of pesticide-free green tea powder. 

Step Two: Shake

Shake it vigorously for several seconds until it is completely mixed.

Step Three: Add Ice and Shake Again

The green tea will taste slightly sweeter when it is cold.


Step Four: Enjoy!

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