How To Make Organic/Pestsicide-Free Sencha Green Tea Water Bottle

Learn: Organic/Pesticide-Free Sencha Green Tea Water Bottle

Very Simple, what you need is just Green Tea Powder Packet and a water bottle. These two things will provide you a Organic/Pesticide-Free pure green tea that is filled with amazing health benefits. Perfect for today’s busy but health conscious people who are always on the go.

What you need per serving:
1. Organic Green Tea Powder Packets x2 OR Pesticide-Free Green Tea Powder Packet x1
2. Water Bottle 16.9 fl oz.***
*Tips: If you add a little bit(1/5 teaspoon) of Sakura Komachi (Blend of Matcha and Cherry Blossom Leaf), it will give a deeper refreshing taste.
**You can also scoop 1/5 teaspoon of Organic Green Tea Powder from the 1.4 oz package as an alternative of the packets
***For best results please use mineral bottled water that has a hardness between 30 to 80mg/I, such as Volvic and Crystal Geyser.


Step One: Add Green Tea Powder

Add two packet of green tea powder or one packet of pesticide-free green tea powder packet. If you have the 40g pack of organic green tea powder, then 1/5 tea spoon will also do.

Step Two: Shake Water Bottle Until Lumps Disappear

Shake it for 20-30 seconds until the lumps disappear in the water bottle. 

Step Three: Enjoy!

That's it! Now you have a water bottle of organic green tea made in seconds! 


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