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Many of the people consider purchasing Japanese/Organic green tea for several reasons. One, is of course to enjoy the unique Umami (savory) taste of the Japanese green tea. Two, some consider to take advantage of green tea’s health benefits. Also some may simply just like the culture and experience of Japanese tea.

a) For the Great Umami Experience

To experience the best taste of Japanese green tea, loose leaf will probably be the best to start off with. Our recommendation is the Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea. This Organic Sencha Superior is a product that is harvested in the spring time that will give you the best experience to taste some nice teas. We also do offer Organic Sencha Green Tea as an entry level also. This will be a summer harvested tea that will be more affordable and it will also be great to make Japanese ice green tea.

As for the powder side, we would say that the Organic Matcha will be the one, however if you are not used to the bitter taste, you may feel a strong bitter taste at first. Also the Cherry Blossom Matcha (sorry this is not Organic) will absolutely be a great product to taste some great unique matcha. This the spring harvested matcha so you will be able to feel the nice smooth umami for sure. 

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b) For Health Benefits

There is nothing that can beat the Powder type teas for health benefits. Green tea is known for its great health benefits, but when you brew it you can only consume 30% of the full nutrients and the others are thrown away as used tea leaf. On the other hand, if you consume the powder type you are taking in the whole tea leaf, which means taking in 100% of its health benefits. Our organic tea powders are simply ground organic tea leaf so there is no preservatives or additives used, so very safe and health for your body.

1. The Ultimate Health Tea

Within the powders, we recommend Organic Sencha Powder for those who wants to take in the maximum health benefits from green tea. It will have the most vitamin Cs and Fibers within the powder type teas. 

2. The Great Energizing Tea

Organic Matcha Green Tea will be a great energizer before you have work or something that you have to concentrate. Matcha green tea is abundant in Theanine, which is a substance that gives you alert calmness that will help you keep focused and concentrated.

3. Healthiest On the Go Tea

We also provide individual packet type teas, the organic sencha packets and pesticide-free sencha packets, to meet the needs of busy yet health conscious people who are always on the go. All you need is simply water bottle/cup, water, and this packet and you will be ready to drink one of the healthiest teas in the world. Very light package that you will be able to take it anywhere: your workplace, gym, yoga, etc.

Learn more details about health benefits

c) To Experience Some of the Japanese Culture

It is always exciting and fun to experience the process of brewing/making teas and learn something new. Our recommendation is brewing the organic loose leaf teas by using the Japanese tea pots, called Kyusu in Japanese. Brewing tea is very deep, depending on water temperature, water type, what kind of tea pot you use, all determines the taste of the tea. Just get the hang of the brewing technique and I am sure that you will be enjoying your tea a lot.

Second one is whisking you powder green tea with the bamboo whisk. If you go into the official tea ceremony style there will be too many things to learn, so I recommend the casual way. If you have a powder green tea, bamboo whisk and large bowl you will be able to make a fine cup of powdered green tea.

If there is any questions please feel free to ask anytime by email, facebook, or anything that will be convenient for you.

Thank you! Arigato Gozaimasu!

(Means thank you in Japanese)