Tea Notes

Owner's Tea Notes about ShiZen Products

Hello, my name is Yosuke, the owner of ShiZen Tea Store. In this page here, I would like to share some info about our products and some tea knowledge. I know it's hard to understand about the product just by reading the descriptions so I would like to show you by actually using the tea wares, making teas myself, and report how it is. I hope you will use this as a reference when you consider our products or to just simply learn more about Japanese teas. Hope you enjoy:)

Banko Yaki Kyusu

 Tea Note #1

Japanese Tea Pot Kyusu -Takumi-

Professional Tea pot used by the Shizuoka Tea Artisan.                                    


Tea Note #2

HARIO Glass Tea Bottle

Great product that makes great iced teas from loose leaf                   

Tea Pot Kyusu Mameshibori  

 Tea Note #3

Japanese Tea Pot Kyusu - Mameshibori -

 Beautiful design kyusu making great teas: Hojicha, Genmaicha etc.

 Tea Note #4

Japanese Tea Pot Kyusu - Hachijyu Hachiya -

Unique great tea pot for making high-end loose leaf teas.                                  

 Tea Note #5

Japanese Tea Pot Kyusu - Sakuraso

Small size kyusu great for all types of loose leaf teas.