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March 07, 2017


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Grinding Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder



Grinding Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

One of the most important elements of Japanese Matcha powder production is the grinding process. Even though high powered heat generating grinders are able to produce amazing quantities in a short amount of time, the traditional Japanese way of grinding with granite stone mill is still, till today, the best method to handle these high quality and delicate leaves.



About the process

Before learning about the grinding process, we must understand what leaves we are grinding. Matcha powder is made from the same plant as other green teas, black teas and even oolong teas. The only difference is a special process done several weeks prior to harvesting. Learn more about Matcha harvesting here.


After these leaves are dried, they go through another tedious process to remove the veins and stems. These leaves, usually referred to as Tencha leaves, are now ready for grinding. 



Traditional Japanese granite stone mill

Made of stone, these granite stone mill are able to grind the Tencha leaves into very fine powder. Each granite stone mill can only produce up to 25g – 30g of premium Matcha powder every hour, that’s about the size of ONE packet of our Organic Matcha Superior Green Tea Powder 1.1 oz (30g). Grinding these Tencha leaves the proper way, slow as it may be, can preserve the color and flavor of these leaves.



Machine grinders VS Traditional Japanese granite stone mill

Japanese folk traditions, as interesting as it may be, is it really necessary to follow these steps to produce Matcha powder? 

Sadly or gladly, the answer is YES!

After going through the tedious process of obtaining Tencha leaves, ruining them in the grinding process will be nothing short of a disaster. High powered grinders, or machine grinders, are able to produce high quantities in a short time but, they will generate a significant amount of heat in the process. This heat will cause the Matcha powder to lose some of it's natural aroma in the process. On the other hand, traditional Japanese granite stone mills goes through a rather slow process of grinding the Tencha leaves without burning them out, producing high quality Matcha powder that retains it's nutrients, along with it's incomparable aroma and flavor.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

If you will like to try this amazing Japanese Matcha powder, click here.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask anytime. Thank you!

June 23, 2015


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Brewing Organic Green Tea by Tsukiji Style

Brewing Different by Organic Green Tea

Today I would like to introduce a unique style of brewing Japanese green tea. This one I call it the Tsukiji style. Tsukiji is known as one of the largest fish market and there is a big tea maker Uogashi Meicha that they brew it in a unique style.

I would like to share it by using our Organic Green Tea Sencha Superior (Spring Pick 2015) and our kyusu banko yaki – swan.

step1: Add Organic Green Tea and Warm Water

Add just little green tea, do not add too much because the taste will be too thick. Around half or two thirds of the normal green tea will be perfect. As for the water we recommend it around 80C/176F. Please try to pour it from the side were there are no leaves (in this case pour from the right side).

Step2: Infuse for One minute

Step3: Pour out into tea cup

Pour out the tea little by little, it will make the tea more tasty.

Step4: Pour half back into the kyusu

This is the unique part of this brewing style. Pour back half the tea into the kyusu.

Step5: Pour out into tea cup

Then pour back out the tea right away and please pour the green tea until the very last drop. The last drop has all the umami, scent, and flavor and they call it the golden drop in Japan.

I feel that it has a smoother texture and feel a slightly thicker layer of umami.

Please give it a try and for those hold interest and please check out the details from our online store, ShiZen Organic Green Tea Store.

Hope you enjoyed! Thank you, Arigato Goziamasu!

June 09, 2015


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Shincha! 2015 Spring Pick Organic Sencha Green Tea

Fresh 2015 Spring Pick Organic Green Tea has Arrived

Our organic green tea are made in the high elevation mountain areas of Shizuoka, which is harvested later than usual spring picks. These were picked in the mid to end of May and were processed by our top level tea artisans. The new spring picks has been processed and packaged early this week, and we are now ready to launch it on our online store.

In this blog, we would like to give a simple introduction of our new shincha green tea and ways to enjoy the tea:

1. Smell the Spring Aroma

Open the package and first try to smell the tea leaf. The smooth tasty aroma will be coming out of the package and I am sure most of you will enjoy this aroma.

2. Feel the Young and Soft Tea Leaf

The spring tea leaves are young and soft. If you touch the organic sencha tea leaves (please touch it gently) you will notice that it is light and soft. This will be one of the distinct differences from the summer tea leaves.

3. Taste the Deep Umami

When you first brew the spring pick organic green tea, I recommend to have it in medium hot water (around 85-90C/185-194F) because you will be able to smell the aroma more clearly with the steam. Then try it again with warm water around 70-80C/158-176F and you will be able to taste the deep umami. Lower temperature will extract more of the umami rather than bitterness. You will be able to enjoy both the taste and aroma of the spring leaves by brewing it in different temperatures. (We recommend the infusion time of one minute)

Hope you try and enjoy the teas! In Japan, it is said that drinking shincha will bring you luck, so there are many shincha related events done in Japan.

You can look into more details on the product page from the following link: Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea

If there are any questions please feel free to ask anytime. Thank you!

2016 Spring Pick - Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea 3.5 oz (100g)

May 21, 2015


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Green Tea Smoothie – Banana Green Tea Smoothie

Green Tea Smoothie Recipe 2 – Smoothie Simple Banana Style

Last time, we did the green tea recipe of green tea smoothie – Fruity Smoothie style. This time I would like to share a recipe that is extremely simple and easy to make. The ingredients you need is just the following:




1. Cut the spinach and bananas to a size that it will fit into the mixer.

2. Then add some organic green tea powder / organic matcha green tea powder and water.

3. Then MIX! That is it!


What I like about this is that it is easy to make and the are ingredients are not that costly. Also the health benefits are amzing! Spinach has dietary potassium, calcium, iron and more which is known as one of the low calorie super foods. Also banana is famous for its health benefits as well that is filled with nutrients (vitamin b6, vitamin C, fiber, etc). Top of all, the mighty health ingredient matcha and green tea powder are in with these healthy ingredients. I would recommend this as a starter in the morning or even at lunch before you start your afternoon work!

If there are any other questions please feel free to ask anytime!

Thank you:)

May 11, 2015


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Organic Green Tea Recipe – Liquor

Organic Green Tea with LIQUOR?

Yes, this will be the first time ever to try this. Not sure, but heard some stories that teas are good with some liquors. When I mean by this is, it is not just mixing but brewing tea with liquor. I have heard from our tea friends about the combination and would like to share how it was…

ShiZen’s Organic Houjicha Green Tea and Whiskey

We have used the Red Label whiskey this time with our organic houjicha green tea. Very simple steps.

1. Add Houjicha to the Kyusu Tea Pot

Add around one serving (one and half tablespoons) in the tea pot.

2. Add Whiskey

This time I added around one shot glass so it will cover the tea leaves.

3. Wait for 15 minutes

Since the whiskey is not warm, it will take time to extract the tea out than usual warm/hot water. It will slowly take out the tea from the tea leaves so please let it stay for at least 15 minutes.

Then pour it out in glass cup and enjoy!

I added some ice when tasting, and I was surprised how the smoky scent and flavor became more stronger. The taste became more richer and deeper. It was very interesting but there may be people who may like it just normal but this is also I think one way you can enjoy tea too.

Try it at home! Thank you for reading!

May 05, 2015


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Amount of Caffeine in Green Tea -part 2

Comparing Green Tea Caffeine

As we have introduced in our last blog post about caffeine in green tea, green tea caffeine is said to be one third of coffee. Green tea caffeine is said to provide the bitter flavor. This caffeine in green tea will depend on when it was picked. Younger spring green teas are said to contain more caffeine, so high end Japanese green teas such as matcha and gyokuro will contain more caffeine.

Caffeine Compared to Black Tea and Coffee

Japanese green tea is about 1/3rd of caffeine compared to coffee and slightly less than black tea as shown below.

*Source: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(JAPAN) “STANDARD TABLES OF FOOD COMPOSITION IN JAPAN”


Caffeine among the different type of Japanese Green Tea

The very well known premium tea leaves, Gyokuro, will have the most amount with 160 mg. Next will be the matcha green tea containing 30 mg relatively very low. Sencha and Houjicha will have 20 mg and genmaicha will have the least caffeine with 10mg.

Type of Japanese Green Tea Amount of Caffeine (in 100g)
Gyokuro 160mg
Matcha 30mg
Sencha 20mg
Houjicha 20mg
Genmaicha 10mg

*Source: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of JAPAN

The amount of caffeine that will be in your tea will depend on how you brew the tea, so please use the chart above for reference. As for Japanese green tea, it will be better to brew it at a shorter time to avoid many caffeine to be extracted. The longer you brew basically the more you get the caffeine.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask anytime.

Thank you!

April 06, 2015


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Product Intro: Organic Green Tea Powder Packets

Organic Japanese Green Tea On-the-go

One of the healthiest form of green tea, the powdered green tea. It is said that it will have three times more nutrients/health substances compared to brewed green tea. Perfect for today’s busy but health conscious people who are always on the go. Our Organic Green Tea Powder packets does not have any additives or any other thing in it. It is just pure 100% organic green tea leaf that is in ground fine powder. It will be from a single origin/farm in the mountainous Shizuoka prefecture that is on the foothills of Mount Fuji.

Today I would like to introduce the most common way that it is consumed, the water bottle style:


Step1: Add two packets

If you are using a water bottle size of 16.9 fl oz(500ml), two packets will be our recommendation.


Step2: Shake

Shake the water bottle until the lumps disappear.


Step3: Enjoy

That’s it! Very simple, done in few seconds:)


Not only for water bottles this organic green tea packets can be used on your thermos. Also it can be used for mixing it with some smoothies, yogurts, etc. Since it is in small packages you can bring it on your trip or work or anywhere you want.

Thank you for reading!

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