Product Intro: Organic Green Tea Powder Packets

Product Intro: Organic Green Tea Powder Packets

Organic Japanese Green Tea On-the-go

One of the healthiest form of green tea, the powdered green tea. It is said that it will have three times more nutrients/health substances compared to brewed green tea. Perfect for today’s busy but health conscious people who are always on the go. Our Organic Green Tea Powder packets does not have any additives or any other thing in it. It is just pure 100% organic green tea leaf that is in ground fine powder. It will be from a single origin/farm in the mountainous Shizuoka prefecture that is on the foothills of Mount Fuji.

Today I would like to introduce the most common way that it is consumed, the water bottle style:


Step1: Add two packets

If you are using a water bottle size of 16.9 fl oz(500ml), two packets will be our recommendation.


Step2: Shake

Shake the water bottle until the lumps disappear.


Step3: Enjoy

That’s it! Very simple, done in few seconds:)


Not only for water bottles this organic green tea packets can be used on your thermos. Also it can be used for mixing it with some smoothies, yogurts, etc. Since it is in small packages you can bring it on your trip or work or anywhere you want.

Thank you for reading!

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