Tea Notes about Tea Pot Kyusu – Sakuraso -

Tea Notes about Tea Pot Kyusu – Sakuraso -

Today we would like to review one of our tea pot kyusu, Sakuraso. It is named Sakuraso because it has the design of the flower called Sakuraso. This tea pot is relatively small and has the amount to make  0.85 cups.



The actual flower of the Sakuraso will be the shown below.



Traditional Arita Yaki Tea Pot

This tea pot is made by the pottery style called the Arita Yaki. This is a traditional style of pottery in Japan that has started out around 400 years ago. Of course, hand made with the handle on the side called “yokode” style in Japanese (“yoko” meaning side in Japanese).

The strainer/filter inside is called the obiami, which is built-in 360 degrees around the inside of tea pot.



Infuse Small Amount with High End Tea

This time we have used Organic sencha superior green tea to show how this tea pot infuses tea. It will be the best to use high grade tea with small amount of water. First we put one teaspoon of loose leaf tea inside the tea pot kyusu.



Add hot water (80C/176F) around 0.5-0.8 cups and infuse for one minute.



Smoothly Pours the Water

If you have two cups please pour it little by little to each cup alternatively. Maybe breaking it down in to 3 to 4 pours per cup may be just right. By breaking down the pouring into several times, it gives the water a chance to flow around inside the kyusu which will extract more flavor out of the tea leaf, so it is considered very important to break down the pouring.  You will notice that this tea pot kyusu will let the water out real smoothly leaving no water dripping out.



Pour till the Last Drop and Enjoy!

When you pour out the tea from the kyusu, do not forget to pour out everything, until the last drop! The last drop is said to have the most umami (savory). Also to have tasty second rounds with the same tea leaf, it is important that every drop is out of the tea pot kyusu. If there  is water left it will become very bitter and will get in the way of brewing great second infusions.



Thank you for reading to the end and hope you enjoyed. You will be able to purchase the tea pot and others from the following website.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask anytime. Thank you!

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