Ways of enjoying powdered green tea

Ways of enjoying powdered green tea

I am a big fan of loose leaf tea but of course, the most teas I drink are the powdered teas. The great part of powdered teas are there convenience and the incredible versatility. It can be made into Lattes or just simple nice teas and can be carried around anywhere. For that reason, I always change the ways I make my teas depending on the situation (time, place, mood, etc.). Today I would like to introduce my personal top three.


1. Thermos Green Teas at Office

One of the most convenient way to carry your teas around are the Thermos. I always use the thermos to bring my teas to my office. Especially in summer, I put organic green tea powder and water and just shake, then add ice to keep the teas nice and cold. Also sometimes I add a little Matcha (Especially the Sakura Komachi) with the teas to make the flavor more deeper…You should really try this:) This is really good.

*Check here to see details

 In addition to the pleasant taste, you can get plenty of antioxidants while working, and  also take in some caffeine to boost your concentration.


2. Authentic Matcha Style at Home

At home when I have time, I make my green teas by the Authentic Matcha Style using the bamboo whisk and the Matcha bowl. Although this is not Matcha, this green tea powder gives a thick foam on top providing a milky texture. This tastes totally different from the ordinary tea style where you mix with a spoon. Also Sakura Komachi (Matcha blended with Cherry Blossom Leaf) will be great too when made by the Authentic Matcha style.


3. Sakura Komachi (Matcha blended with Cherry Blossom Leaf) Soda at Home
This is one of the most refreshing modern type matcha teas I ever drank! Just add Sakura Komachi (1/3rd teaspoon)  and a little water to make the Matcha paste. Then add sparkling water and some ice, and you will have a truly refreshing Matcha green tea. *Please add sweetener based on your preference. As for this Sakura Komachi Soda, I was inspired by the Japanese tea cafe in Japan called Nana Green Tea. They had the green tea soda on the menu, which was very sweet…Since I’m a person who do not really prefer sweetened tea, I decided to make it myself..and came up with this tea.
This will be it! This is so far my top 3 ways to enjoy the teas. Please take a look at “LEARN” for more ways to drink green teas.There is many more ways to enjoy your teas, so please experiment as you like and if you come up with some other great ways to drink teas, please do share! We would like to learn from you too. There is no limit with what you can do with powder:) I will post again about making teas when I discover something new. Thank you and have a great day!!
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