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2021 Spring Pick SHINCHA - Premium Saemidori Sencha from Kagoshima 50g in Tea can


New spring tea of 2021 from Kagoshima Japan

    New Product! 

    Spring tea is said to be the highest valued tea in Japan. This tea will be from the Kagoshima prefecture harvested on mid April 2021. The cultivar will be Saemidori, which has a beautiful green color and a very well balanced taste. This product will come in a tea can. The tea will be in aluminum bag placed inside the tea can. 

    We will start shipping from May 6th!!

    Taste Note: Grassy aroma and natural sweetness with some strong umami

    • Made from Saemidori Cultivar
    • Made in Fukuoka prefecture Yame region, JAPAN
    • In 50g package having approximately 15-17 servings
    • No preservatives or additives / Non GMO 

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    Type: Loose Leaf

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