How to Store Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea Storage

How you store the Japanese green tea is very crucial. Since Japanese green tea are very delicate tea products, the longevity of the tea will differ depending on how you store the teas. These are the five factors that you should avoid when storing Japanese green tea.

  1. Humidity

    Humidity stimulates oxidation of teas. Please keep it away from humid places and always keep the tea package sealed.
  2. Oxygen

    Oxygen stimulates the oxidation of Chlorophyll, Caechin, and Vitamin C, which will effect the taste.
  3. Light

    Light stimulates the decomposition of  Chlorophyll, which effects the color of the teas. Please keep in a package that is light-free.
  4. High Temp

    High Temperature stimulates the oxidation of Chlorophyll and Catechin, which effects the color of the teas.
  5. Smell

    Tea has a strong deodorant efficacy so if you do not seal or close the package properly it will absorb many kind of smells.

I notice the scent will go down depending on how its stored. To enjoy the best teas, please try to avoid the above and keep the teas in good condition. 

Also tea cans/canisters will also be great for storing teas. I usually put the teas in tea cans and store it in refrigerator. As for our tea products, since there are in really good sealed tea packages, by keeping it sealed and putting it in refrigerator will do the work. If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask anytime:)