Making cold brew Japanese green tea - Mizudashi sencha

How to Make Cold Brew Japanese green tea

Usually Japanese green tea is drank by brewing in hot water, but cold brew, called Mizudashi in Japanese, is also popular in Japan in the summer. Cold brew Japanese tea can be made by very simple steps and also it will have lower caffeine compared to hot sencha tea. 

How to make cold brew tea

It is very simple to make. You will need pitcher/jug/glass bottle, water, and tea leaf.
  1. First add tea leaf (10 to 15g / 0.35 to 0.53oz)
  2. Add water (1 liter / 33.8 fl oz)
  3. Put it in refrigerator for 6 to 14 hours depending on preference
Please adjust the amount of water and tea leaf depending on preference. When ratio of tea leaf is higher the stronger the taste will be.

Benefits of cold brew green tea

Sencha has many health beneficial components and depending on the water temperature the amount of these components that gets extracted will differ. Brewing it at low temperature actually will deliver many of the great components. 

Taking full advantage of sencha's high vitamin c  

Vitamin c is one of the top benefits of Japanese green tea, and in general, vitamin c is weak to high temperature. Since it is brewed in low temperature, the vitamin c will be at the fullest when you consume it in cold brew tea.

Lower caffeine compared to hot sencha

Sencha's caffeine comes out more in higher temperature. In general temperature under 60C will hold in the caffeine and when it is cold brewed the caffeine is said to be much lower compared to hot sencha.

Less bitter and more Umami

In lower temperature bitterness does not come out from the tea, but the umami component known as the theanine, a type of amino acid, will come out more. This will bring out the umami and the natural sweetness of the tea.

More epigallocatechin, the immunity booster

There are several types of catechin that is included in sencha. One of the catechin that is said to be good for the immunity is the epigallocatechin. This epigallocatechin is extracted the most when it is brewed in low temperature.



Teas that we recommend for Cold brew

Shincha 2021 Saemidori: This tea gives a beautiful green color and also gives a deep sweet umami taste, but will give a refreshing aftertaste at the same time. Recommended brewing time: 9-13hrs



Shincha 2021 Koshun: One of the best for cold brew. It will have a very clear umami and gives a beautiful floral aftertaste. It also has a nuance of a sweet sakura mochi. Recommended brewing time: 10-14hrs



okumidori matcha

Okumidori with matcha: This will have a very refreshing taste with a slight nutty aroma and the matcha will give you a kick that I recommend this tea in the morning. Recommended brewing time: 8-12hrs


We have made a cold brew essential set at a special price. Hope you will try out the teas! 

Of course all teas can be made cold brew, so if you have any teas at home please give it a try! I am sure that you will be able to experience the different side of the tea. If you have any questions please feel free to ask anytime.

Thank you!