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Handmade Tea Pot Kyusu - Tokoname yaki - Uchiyama 001

Handmade Tea Pot Kyusu - Tokoname yaki - Uchiyama 001

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Introducing our handmade Tokoname-yaki teapot:

Experience the artistry of our handmade Tokoname teapot, meticulously shaped by the skilled hands of Master Potter Uchiyama. Uchiyama's teapots embody the distinctive qualities that make Tokoname ware truly exceptional.

At the heart of Tokoname-yaki lies its unique use of clay rich in iron content, sourced from the Chita Peninsula. This characteristic clay imparts a delightful softness to the astringency of tea, resulting in a truly exquisite tea-drinking experience. The teapot's numerous curves contribute to its exceptionally elegant form, elevating the aesthetics of your tea rituals.

Delving into the finer details, the interior mesh is meticulously crafted using a technique known as "Toumaru." This intricate process involves the artisan manually perforating the clay to create a fine mesh, ensuring a delicate infusion process that is a testament to the craftsman's skill.

Indulge in the tradition of Tokoname pottery and elevate your tea experience with a teapot that not only embodies the artistry of Master Potter Uchiyama but also enhances the nuanced flavors of your favorite teas. Order your Uchiyama-crafted Tokoname teapot today and discover the art of tea-making at its finest.


  • Diameter 10.5cm (4.1in) x Height 5cm (1.9in)
  • 250cc / 8.45 fl oz

Brewing tea

This tea will work very well with all types of tea leaves such as sencha and gyokuro. 

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