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Handmade Tea pot Kyusu - Tokoname yaki - Gyokko 001

Handmade Tea pot Kyusu - Tokoname yaki - Gyokko 001

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Introducing our handmade Tokoname-yaki teapot:

Crafted using a potter's wheel, the rhythmic black clay reveals a warm, rustic charm with a touch of modern elegance. Its flat design allows tea leaves to expand fully, ensuring a delicious tea experience.

Embrace the Artistry of Handmade Tokoname Teapots

Designed to fit seamlessly into your hand, the ergonomic handle and lid knob provide a comforting touch unique to handmade teapots. Each piece is a richly expressive work of art, created through various techniques, resulting in a one-of-a-kind teapot.

Enhance Your Tea Experience with Tokoname's Clay

The iron content in Tokoname clay reacts with tea tannins, producing a mellow and smooth flavor. Unlike glazed teapots from other regions, Tokoname teapots are fired without excess glazing, allowing them to absorb impurities and enhance the tea's taste.

No Need for Tea Strainers with our Ceramic Mesh Teapot

Crafted with a delicate ceramic mesh, this teapot eliminates the need for metal tea strainers. Simply add tea leaves, pour hot water, and enjoy a full-flavored tea without any metallic aftertaste.

Seal in Flavor with Precision Lid-Fitting Techniques

Our meticulous lid-fitting process, known as "futa suri," enhances the airtight seal, ensuring optimal steeping of tea leaves for a flavorful cup of tea. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with our Tokoname teapot.


  • Diameter 10.5cm (4.1in) x Height 7cm (2.7in)
  • 130cc / 4.4 floz

Brewing tea

This tea will work very well with all types of tea leaves such as sencha and gyokuro. It will especially be great with Asamushi (light steamed) tea leaves such as Mori sencha, Koshun, and Organic sencha superior,

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