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Matcha bowl - Kutani yaki - Ishikawa Japan

Matcha bowl - Kutani yaki - Ishikawa Japan

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Welcome to our online store specializing in Kutani ware matcha bowls. Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Kutani-yaki with our vibrant and exquisitely adorned matcha bowls. The striking colors and intricate designs not only enhance the vividness of matcha green but also guarantee an unparalleled enhancement to your matcha experience.

Description: Experience the artistry of Kutani-yaki with our stunning matcha bowls. The brilliant colors and intricate paintings make these bowls a true masterpiece. The vibrant hues complement the rich green of matcha, ensuring an unforgettable tea-drinking experience.

Size:  11cm(4.3 in)× H7.8(3.1 in)

Historical Significance: Originating in the secluded village of Kutani in the Echizen district of Kaga (present-day Ishikawa Prefecture, Yamanaka-cho, Kutani-mura), Kutani ware has a rich history dating back to the late Edo period. The village, often blanketed in snow during winter, became a center for Kutani ware production. The name "Kutani-yaki" is derived from the village's name, "Kutani-mura." The discovery of porcelain clay in the region, during the development of a nearby mine by the Daishoji clan in the late Edo period, led to the initiation of Kutani ware production around the year 1665.

Craftsmanship: Kutani ware is renowned as one of Japan's premier overglaze enamel ceramics, with its most captivating feature being the intricate designs known as "ue-nishiki" or overglaze painting. The saying goes, "There is no Kutani without overglaze painting." The brilliance of color and the lavishness of the decorations in Kutani-yaki, expressed through overglaze painting, exemplify the grandeur and beauty of this traditional Japanese art form.

Elevate your tea-drinking ritual with our Kutani ware matcha bowls, where centuries of craftsmanship meet contemporary elegance. Explore the harmonious blend of tradition and aesthetics, and add a touch of Japanese cultural heritage to your tea ceremonies.

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