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Spring Pick - Premium sencha from Sayama 50g

Spring Pick - Premium sencha from Sayama 50g

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Premium spring pick sencha from Sayama Region

  • Origin: Iruma Region, Saitama Prefecture (Sayama)
  • Harvest: First pick of spring (end of April)
  • Cultivation Method: Shaded by Tanagake style using kanreisha cloth
  • Tea Variety: Yabukita
  • Processing: Asamushi style with a beautiful light yellow color
  • Characteristics: Strong umami, Refreshing aroma
  • Contents: 50g (approximately 10-15 servings)

This tea was harvested in late April, the very first pick in the spring. 

This special tea is made by the "Yabukita" variety, picked from the same field as the tea submitted to tea competitions. This farm has taken great care in every aspect of the production, including tea processing, fertilizer, and the tea fields, to craft this exceptional tea.

By using a shading process called "Tanagake" with a special net to shield the plants from the sun light, the tea leaves accumulate a higher amount of amino acids, enhancing their umami and natural sweetness. 

As this is Asamushi Sencha, please steep it slowly at a low temperature to fully enjoy its rich flavor.

Made by the renowned top skilled tea master Nakajima-san of Onishi-en

Cultivated on the historic Oonishi-en estate, which boasts a legacy spanning 250 years, this sencha is hand roasted by a tea master adorned with the title of "Eisei-chasei (Eternal Tea Saint)." Having claimed the top position in the National Hand-Rolled Tea Appraisal Contest an impressive eight times, this tea master is widely recognized as Japan's foremost expert in the art of tea. 

Under the leadership of the skilled artisan Nakajima-san, Oonishi-en continues to uphold traditional techniques, producing the esteemed "deep-steamed tea" that Sayama tea is celebrated for. Immerse yourself in the epitome of quality with tea crafted by Japan's finest tea master.

Taste profile:

Natural sweetness : ★★★★

Savory / Umami : ★★★★

Bitterness : ★☆☆☆

Flavor note:  Fresh green aroma / full-bodied / Umami strong


  • To enjoy the umami and sweetness
    • water temperature: 65-70C (149-158F)
    • Steeping time: 1 minute 15 seconds
  • To enjoy the aroma
    • water temperature: 80-850C (176-185F)
    • Steeping time: 30 seconds

Amount of tea leaf:  4-5g per 100-120ml

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