Authentic Japanese Bamboo Tea Strainer

Authentic Japanese Bamboo Tea Strainer

New Product!

Authentic Bamboo Tea Strainer!

We would like to introduce our new product Japanese Bamboo Tea Strainer! Enjoy your loose leaf teas with some authentic brewing style.

Step1: Add loose leaf tea

The best match with will be the Hojicha Tea. Since it is natural bamboo it will not be good to soak the tea strainer that long, teas with short brewing time will be the best, like the Hojicha.

Step2: Add water

Use hot water if using Hojicha and Genmaicha. As for senchas, please use warm water.

Step3: Steep

For Hojicha/Genmaicha, it will be around 30 seconds. For senchas, around one minute.

And Enjoy!!

Hope you enjoyed reading and wishing you a healthy happy tea time. If there are any questions please ask anytime.

Thank you!


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