Experiments for Health Benefits of Green Tea

Experiments for Health Benefits of Green Tea


Today I have made a chart that sums up the major experiments that has been done for green tea health benefits. These are one of the many experiments that has been done around the world.


Health Benefit of Green Tea

Green teas are known for its antioxidant effects and are said to prevent cancer, keeps you young, and even now days  it is said to be effective to dementia too. Also the green teas are known as the metabolism booster. Along with these affects, green tea itself is very rich in nutrients, especially sencha powders are abundant in vitamin C .


Experiments Done for Green Tea


There are so many experiments done around the world. I would have to make several more posts about this topic in order to cover the major ones. Also there are always new experiments done around the world so I would like to keep a eye on that and share some interesting info.

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