How To Store Green Tea

How To Store Green Tea

For teas, it is very important that you store it in a proper way to enjoy the ever lasting best taste. If not stored properly, it may damage the teas and next time you will notice that the teas do not have the same taste or scent. 



The points that should be avoided are the following:

1. Humidity
Humidity stimulates oxidation of teas, as it will effect the leaf color, tea color, and the scent of the tea.

2. High Temperature
High Temperature stimulates the oxidation of Chlorophyll and Catechin, which effects the color of the teas.

3. Sun Light or any kind of light
Light stimulates the decomposition of Chlorophyll, which will also effect the color of the teas.

4. Oxygen
Oxygen stimulates the oxidation of Chlorophyll, Catechin, and Vitamin C, which will effect the taste.

5. Smell/fragrance of others
Tea has a strong deodorant efficacy so if you do not seal or close the package properly it will absorb many kind of smells and fragrance.


To avoid the above, please put your teas in a complete sealed environment and store at a cool dark place.
It will be the best to have it in a tea canister or put it in a aluminum package that has a seal. Also we recommend to put it in a refrigerator where it is isolated from strong scent produce and foods. For our ShiZen teas, it all comes with a aluminum package so you can simply seal it tightly and put it in a refrigerator with no worries. Also we do have tea canisters(its on special sale right now:)) too, that will do the job the best.

We really hope you enjoy your teas. If there is any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you:)

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