Make your own Organic Iced Tea 2

Make your own Organic Iced Tea 2

Today I will go over another way to make Organic iced green tea with our ShiZen Tea. Really great for the hot summer. It will be very easy to make but this time it will take a little more time.

Things to Prepare (One Serving)

  1. Teapot (preferably a Japanese Teapot Kyusu)
  2. Organic Green Tea Loose Leaf: 1 teapoon (5g) (ShiZen Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea will work very well)
  3. Cold Water : 120-150ml
  4. Ice
  5. Tea Cup
  6. Organic Matcha (for second rounds)

We will be using our Sakuraso Tea Pot Kyusu

Step1: Prepare Tea Pot and add water

First, put 1 teaspoon of Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea and fill the Kyusu tea pot with ice. Then add cold water and infuse for 15 minutes.


Step2: Add Ice to Tea Cup and Pour

After steeping it for 15 minutes, then add your tea cup some ice and fill up your cup.


Step3: Add matcha powder, water and Enjoy!(for second infusion)

This step is for the second rounds. Usually if you infuse it twice the taste will be lighter for the second round. For that reason, I always recommend to add some Matcha to make the color more brighter and the taste more deeper. Just simply add some Matcha in your kyusu tea pot, like 1/3 of a scoop (not too much).  Add some cold water and you will have some of that light green color of Matcha.


There is no need to wait, just pour out the water right away. You will be surprised how beautiful the color comes out.



Enjoy your second round!


Hope you enjoyed! I understand that the first infusion of 15 minutes sounds very long. However, due to the low temperature of the water, it will not extract the bitterness. It will extract the umami (savory)of the tea, which will give great taste and flavor. Organic Sencha Green Tea will work great as well. Please try it on different teas and find out what you like the best.

Thank you!

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