Organic Green Tea Recipe – Liquor

Organic Green Tea Recipe – Liquor

Organic Green Tea with LIQUOR?

Yes, this will be the first time ever to try this. Not sure, but heard some stories that teas are good with some liquors. When I mean by this is, it is not just mixing but brewing tea with liquor. I have heard from our tea friends about the combination and would like to share how it was…

ShiZen’s Organic Houjicha Green Tea and Whiskey

We have used the Red Label whiskey this time with our organic houjicha green tea. Very simple steps.

1. Add Houjicha to the Kyusu Tea Pot

Add around one serving (one and half tablespoons) in the tea pot.

2. Add Whiskey

This time I added around one shot glass so it will cover the tea leaves.

3. Wait for 15 minutes

Since the whiskey is not warm, it will take time to extract the tea out than usual warm/hot water. It will slowly take out the tea from the tea leaves so please let it stay for at least 15 minutes.

Then pour it out in glass cup and enjoy!

I added some ice when tasting, and I was surprised how the smoky scent and flavor became more stronger. The taste became more richer and deeper. It was very interesting but there may be people who may like it just normal but this is also I think one way you can enjoy tea too.

Try it at home! Thank you for reading!

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