Shincha! 2015 Spring Pick Organic Sencha Green Tea

Shincha! 2015 Spring Pick Organic Sencha Green Tea

Fresh 2015 Spring Pick Organic Green Tea has Arrived

Our organic green tea are made in the high elevation mountain areas of Shizuoka, which is harvested later than usual spring picks. These were picked in the mid to end of May and were processed by our top level tea artisans. The new spring picks has been processed and packaged early this week, and we are now ready to launch it on our online store.

In this blog, we would like to give a simple introduction of our new shincha green tea and ways to enjoy the tea:

1. Smell the Spring Aroma

Open the package and first try to smell the tea leaf. The smooth tasty aroma will be coming out of the package and I am sure most of you will enjoy this aroma.

2. Feel the Young and Soft Tea Leaf

The spring tea leaves are young and soft. If you touch the organic sencha tea leaves (please touch it gently) you will notice that it is light and soft. This will be one of the distinct differences from the summer tea leaves.

3. Taste the Deep Umami

When you first brew the spring pick organic green tea, I recommend to have it in medium hot water (around 85-90C/185-194F) because you will be able to smell the aroma more clearly with the steam. Then try it again with warm water around 70-80C/158-176F and you will be able to taste the deep umami. Lower temperature will extract more of the umami rather than bitterness. You will be able to enjoy both the taste and aroma of the spring leaves by brewing it in different temperatures. (We recommend the infusion time of one minute)

Hope you try and enjoy the teas! In Japan, it is said that drinking shincha will bring you luck, so there are many shincha related events done in Japan.

You can look into more details on the product page from the following link: Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea

If there are any questions please feel free to ask anytime. Thank you!

2016 Spring Pick - Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea 3.5 oz (100g)

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