Tea Notes: Tea Pot Kyusu – Banko Yaki Swan

Tea Notes: Tea Pot Kyusu – Banko Yaki Swan

A little late Happy New Year!! Hope it will be a great year for everyone:)

Today we would like to introduce our new product of tea pot kyusu.

One of the Best Entry Level Tea Pot Kyusu

This is one of my favorite tea pot. Also it is the tea pot that I use the most in my daily tea life. Why? Simply it is easy to use, easy to clean, and extracts great tea. It is made in a very simple structure you will see the cap is the size of the whole tea pot.


For that reason, it will be very simple to put in the teas and clean out the tea leaves. The size is very small that will actually fit on your hand.

Very good for one person and also can be used for tea drinking with 2-3 people using small tea cups. You will see the design that has the swan on the side which will be the handle.

Also Banko Yaki is known for more you use the more gloss (glint) and antique taste will appear in this tea pot. Please see the photo below, the left is the one I been using for more than one year and the one on the right is the brand new one. You can see that the color gets darker and it will show more old antique taste.

We would like to introduce the simple steps of steeping the tea.

Step 1: Adding Loose Leaf

First put approximate one forth of loose leaf tea This time we will be using ShiZen’s Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea.

Step 2: Add Water

Second put some warm water (around 80C)

Step 3: Steep and Pour

Wait for one minute and then pour.


You can check out the product page from here—-> Banko Yaki Swan

This will be absolutely great for people who wants to start loose leaf. Also great for people who are looking for reasonably priced MADE IN JAPAN tea pots.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask anytime.
Thank you! Hope you enjoyed!


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