Tea Tips: Issues with Lumps and Tea Chunks

Tea Tips: Issues with Lumps and Tea Chunks

When we make tea from powdered form, sometimes we get lumps and powdered tea chunks, which makes it inconvenient to drink. Today I would like to introduce some tips to solve this issue.First, we would like you to understand that our teas do not have any additives so they do not dissolve in water as well as instant teas. (Click here to see the difference of instant tea and powdered green tea)
Also this does not mean the tea’s quality are bad or its old, so do not worry. With the things you have at home, you can easily make a smoother tea with no lumps. The key item is the strainer, if you have a mini strainer that will be great or if you have something that has small micro holes that will work too.

Step 1:
Get a strainer ready over a cup


Step 2:
Put the green tea powder on the strainer and push firmly with a bamboo scoop or an utensil.


Step 3:
You will get fine-grained powder. Add water and Enjoy!


In addition, if you can use a bamboo whisk you will get a beautiful froth on top and definitely have no lumps or tea chunks.
Hope this solves any problems that you have with lumps and tea chunks.
Thank you:)
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