Difference between Matcha and Green Tea (Sencha) INFOGRAPHIC

Difference between Matcha and Green Tea (Sencha) INFOGRAPHIC

Some people may already know this, but this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get quite often from my customers. Yes, there is a BIG difference between these two, matcha vs green tea sencha. 

What is Green Tea Sencha?

First, I would like to go over what is “Green Tea Sencha”. Green Tea Sencha is a green tea that is processed by an unique style (steaming process) that was created in Japan. This initial steaming step imparts the difference between Chinese and Japanese green tea. In most parts of the world, Japanese teas are most likely to be sencha (of course sometimes it will be Gyokuro or Matcha etc.), and they are generally named “green tea.”


Matcha vs Green Tea Sencha

Please keep in mind that this is not the only answer to this topic. Having many differences, I have tried to make it simple as possible, and tried to pick the one essential difference that makes these two teas different. I have challenged to make my own infographic, which I think is pretty self explanatory..I hope.


Just to let you know that our Organic Sencha Green Tea Powder are powder form of the Sencha, not Matcha.

As for Matcha, it will be a Organic Matcha from the south side of Japan, Kagoshima.

If there is any questions or comments please feel free to mention!

Thank you:)

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