Brewing Organic Green Tea by Tsukiji Style

Brewing Organic Green Tea by Tsukiji Style

Brewing Different by Organic Green Tea

Today I would like to introduce a unique style of brewing Japanese green tea. This one I call it the Tsukiji style. Tsukiji is known as one of the largest fish market and there is a big tea maker Uogashi Meicha that they brew it in a unique style.

I would like to share it by using our Organic Green Tea Sencha Superior (Spring Pick 2015) and our kyusu banko yaki – swan.

step1: Add Organic Green Tea and Warm Water

Add just little green tea, do not add too much because the taste will be too thick. Around half or two thirds of the normal green tea will be perfect. As for the water we recommend it around 80C/176F. Please try to pour it from the side were there are no leaves (in this case pour from the right side).

Step2: Infuse for One minute

Step3: Pour out into tea cup

Pour out the tea little by little, it will make the tea more tasty.

Step4: Pour half back into the kyusu

This is the unique part of this brewing style. Pour back half the tea into the kyusu.

Step5: Pour out into tea cup

Then pour back out the tea right away and please pour the green tea until the very last drop. The last drop has all the umami, scent, and flavor and they call it the golden drop in Japan.

I feel that it has a smoother texture and feel a slightly thicker layer of umami.

Please give it a try and for those hold interest and please check out the details from our online store, ShiZen Organic Green Tea Store.

Hope you enjoyed! Thank you, Arigato Goziamasu!

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