Green Tea Weight Loss

Green Tea Weight Loss

Today we would like to talk about the weight loss effect of green tea. We will go down into simple facts and go over experiments that are done in Japan. At last, we would like to mention about how you can brew or how you may choose your tea to take full advantage of the green tea health benefits.


What makes green tea effective for weight loss

Green tea contains a health substance called the catechin. This catechin is a type of poly-phenol that contains in green tea and is known for its powerful antioxidant affect. Within this catechin there are 4 types: EC, EGC, ECG, and EGCG. The EGCG is considered the most powerful antioxidant within the four types.

In the liver, there is an enzyme (beta-oxidation) that burns fat, which accelerates fat metabolism, and that enzyme is vitalized by the green tea substance, catechin. It is said that catechin increases the enzyme activity close to 40%. For that reason, catechin leads to accelerating the fat metabolism, which leads to weight loss.


What kind of Green Tea Studies are done

One of the famous experiments done in Japan is called the Kakegawa study. This experiment was conducted by Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which involved more than 1,500 males and females over 30 years old, consuming 1 green tea capsule per day (an equivalent of 600ml of brewed green) lowered the bad cholesterol level by an average of 9.02 mg/dL (0.50 mmol/L) and shrunk their waist size by an average of 1.86 cm (3/4 inch) during the study period. The reason why that the waist size shrunk is said to be the effect of the catechin boosting metabolism.

Also a study conducted by Kao Corporation of 240 people showed that people who consumed beverages rich in “catechin” saw their blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and visceral fat drop, compared with those who consume beverages containing little “catechin.”


What is the best way to take in the catechin (EGCg)

There are many ways to take in catechin right now: green tea capsules, instant tea powder, etc. Of course, we are a tea store that sells organic and additives/preservatives -free teas so we believe that taking in the catechin the natural way is the best (simply by brewing loose leaf or mixing pure powder). In that case, we recommend two of the following:

Brewing Sencha Green Tea

You will be able to take in the catechin the most by brewing 2-3rd pick/harvest teas. First harvest will be the best as in taste, but there will be more catechin in second pick/harvest.

  • Use Hot Water (90C/194F).

    Hotter the water temperature, it is said to liquate out catechin more than standard 176F (80C) water.

  • Infuse/drink it for 3 rounds.

    On the 3rd round it is said the most catechin are taken out from the tea leaves.

Please remember taste of catechin is very bitter, so if you brew it as mentioned above you will get a very bitter tea. However, it will sure keep you healthy. It is said that you will be able to get more than 1.2 to 1.5 times the catechin compared to the standard recommended way.


Sencha Powder Green Tea

Powdered green tea that is additives-free is basically simply ground tea leaf (please remember instant tea and powdered green tea are different!). If you consume it by powder you will be able to take in the full tea leaf, and this will be the best way to consume the health benefits compared to any other type of teas. Within the powdered teas, sencha powder (2-3rd pick) will be the best for health wise, it will contain the most catechin compared to other powdered teas such as matcha. Matcha is abundant in Theanine, the umami substance, but it contains less catechin compared to Sencha.

So the very best to take in the health substance of green tea for weight loss it will definitely be sencha powder. However, if you are into loose leaf also 2-3rd pick sencha brewing with hot water will definitely work too.

Hope you enjoyed and if there are any questions please feel free to ask anytime.

Thank you.

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