Tea Notes About Japanese Teapot Kyusu – Mameshibori -

Tea Notes About Japanese Teapot Kyusu – Mameshibori -

About Japanese Teapot Kyusu- Mameshibori

Made by the traditional ARITA YAKI

This Mameshibori teapot is made by the traditional Japanese pottery style “Arita Yaki.” This Arita yaki has started from over 400 years ago and known as one of the most popular pottery style in Japan.

Design: Traditional Mameshibori style

The kyusu is called Mameshibori because it is designed as the same as the traditional Japanese Mameshibori fabric. This traditional fabric is mainly used in hand/facial towels or Yukata (light cotton kimono that are mainly wore in summer).


Great for Hojicha, Genmaicha, and Sencha (standard grade)

This Mameshibori kyusu holds more than 1.27 cups of water. It would hold the most amount of water compared to the other kyusu’s that we provide. Due to the water amount, it will be highly recommended for hojicha, genmaicha, and standard grade sencha. Also the filter is a separate type (non-built-in filter) that can be taken out and cleaned very easily.

This time I have made Organic Hojicha with this Mameshibori Kyusu.



It pours out very smoothly and it’s great for serving several cups (2-3 servings) at once or serving in one large mug cup. Also just to note we do also have a cup that matches this tea ware. It looks very nice as a set.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask anytime.

Thank you for reading.

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